Top 5 Furniture Trends for Small Spaces in 2023

With living spaces getting smaller due to the rise in the cost of living and singleton lifestyles predominating, there has emerged a need for space saving designs that optimise the living space thereby creating more space as if magically out of nowhere. Futuristic space saving furniture is changing the way we live and breathe in our interiors, hence ushering in a new era in home decor and furnishing. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top space saving furniture trends to dominate the market in 2023.

Wall Beds

Amongst the top space saving furniture trends this year, we see wall beds. Available in vibrant maximalist colour palettes and also muted minimalist hues, wall beds not only look great, but are the perfect space saving design to work wonders with any cramped space. Wall beds operate by a push-button mechanism where they can automatically be raised up to disappear into a wall or rotate by 90 degrees to magically put a bed in place in the room. Whether you’re a parent struggling to manage in less space as restless kids run around the house or you’ve set up a home office and just need a little space to breathe in the day, wall beds are one of the top home furnishing trends in 2023.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Wall Beds.

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Transforming Tables

A space saving design that can work wonders and is an extremely popular home space saving furniture trend lately is the transforming table. This furniture trend is multi-faceted, can be fitted onto walls, can go from 2-seaters to 10-seaters, or can even lift up off of a dining room table and double up as your laptop table. To add, they can be hung from walls with suspensions ready to open out at any time! As stone table tops carved in materials like marble and granite are showing more popularity, creativity is bursting in this line of action. Trending dining tables are actually kitchen tables that are fitted to a wall that can be folded out as a make-shift dining table. With so many gadgets in the house these days, it’s important to make room for all the little ins & outs of life, including having guests over. Transforming tables are ideal for those days when you host parties or call over friends and family for dinner. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? There’s more, they come along with matching folding chairs that can be stored away in their own cabinet when not in use!

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds have been around for decades now, but they’ve re-emerged in 2023 as the hottest furniture trend. Since people work with their devices on the sofa, space saving furniture trends now include sofas that fold out to give you a little relaxation as you work. Shape-shifting reclining backs and foot rests are not the only features in store, these sofa beds can go from triple-seaters to guest-hosting lounging sofas to queen-sized beds. What’s best, these space saving designs look great. As humans are in a phase of re-establishing their connection to the natural world, biophilic design has become popular with curved edges and different shades of green and blue taking centre stage in an attempt to mimic the living colours of nature. Trends like Art Deco and 70’s design have re-emerged with bold colours, asymmetry and vibrant patterns becoming more prominent. In a response to minimalism, individualistic furniture trends are capitalising on personal expression instead of toning it down. Sofas are the space saving furniture trend that are the guinea pigs of this new way of decorating.

Transforming Dining Tables

Say goodbye to tradition as dining tables leap through rings of fire to undergo transformation to a multi-faceted self. Able to collapse and extend to accommodate less or more people based on your requirements, dining tables are as tech-inspired as the rest of our lives these days. Why cram the dining space with a gigantic table? Invest in a transforming dining table that can elongate out of nowhere at your will instead.

Folding Tables

No one can live without an array of tech devices hoarding their lives and their minds these days. That’s why everyone needs a folding table. Light weight and light on the pocket, they are easy to store when not in use and have extra shelves for housing the various knick-knacks of your life that you can’t keep anywhere else. What’s best, they fit into that tiny corner of your bedroom where nothing else fits!

The top space saving furniture trends will help you to live better as furniture is now crafted to adapt to the needs of people. Space saving design is a fairly new concept and is a boon to those living in cluttered conditions. Foldable furniture has added new dimensions to home interiors that can help anyone live a better and easier life. Don’t waste space in your home, instead try convertible furniture to make use of the space you already have no matter how small.


Convertible furniture is a great solution for small spaces where it seems difficult to manage day-to-day life. Folding furniture is a new trend that works with your space and changes shape to suit your needs.

Sofa beds are the best seating for small spaces. They can go from triple-seaters to sitting decks to queen-sized beds.

Small rooms require furniture that can be folded into walls. Transforming tables do the trick. They can also go from 2-seaters to 10-seaters as per the seating demands.

A Konverto 2-seater sofa cum bed works best in any small living room since it does not occupy much space as a sofa and can also be converted into a bed for the night or when guests are spending time over at your place.